Christian and Prophetic Art


 Explanation of the difference between Christian and Prophetic Art

 A prophetic painting is like a prophetic word in an art form. The artist painting it has a gift from God when a Christian.  A prophetic artist paints the future.  In order for something to be prophetic it has to take place.  Prophetic Words given by prophets in the Bible took place.

 Sometimes the Word of Knowledge and a Prophetic Word work together.

 One explanation would be this one.

 I felt led by the Lord to paint a painting for someone whom I did not know that represented wholeness and healing.  A year later I met this person.  They needed exactly what I painted out. They even looked like the person in the painting.  After they saw the painting they were healed, knowing God had planned it for them a year before.

 Christian Art

 There is Christian Art and there is Prophetic Art.  Sometimes people are confused about which one is prophetic.  Painting a lion is not painting Prophetic Art.  A lot of artists think it does.  Christian art is very valuable as well.  It can lead a Christian or non-Christian into scripture reading, as well as simply think of God.


Prophetic Art

Below are experiences of people who have experienced prophetic art through the paintings I’ve done.  I’ve painted this way since 1994.  Most of the paintings I gave away at the time to people in ministry.  The paintings shown here are only a few examples.  If you are interested in having a prophetic painting  done email me at


Maria Maja- Schaefer


The Cross

Around ten years ago I was asked by a pastor to do a painting during worship.  The painting is done in abstract of Christ on the cross, during the Lord’s worst suffering.  I was told a few weeks ago, when the pastor called me, that he had taken the painting with him when moving to another state; all this time he had used it in his Prayer Room/office during prayer.  He mentioned how much the painting had meant to him, and would I be willing to do something for him.

 He said that he is the head pastor now of a church in my county.  The church is starting a worship service every month in their church, and he asked if I’d be willing to come to the first worship service and do another painting?  I told him I would pray about it. He laughed and said, “That is the same thing you said years ago!”  Lol.

As I prayed the Lord gave me several directions.  When I texted pastor with them, he immediately said he would be glad to do them.  So I went to the church to paint.

Painting New Growth

 The worship service was awesome! I was able to paint several things out very clearly on canvas.  As I shared them with the pastor, he said he had been praying about one in particular.  It represented new growth. /  Receiving new land. It was a confirmation for him. I also saw boats in the painting, and the glory of the Lord, which represented Disciple’s bringing in the people.  I mentioned there were several who had an apostolic anointing.  I took the painting home with me and received more insight as I realized the Lord had given me the outline for the painting during the worship time.  I shared what I was receiving with the pastor, and he confirmed the new things I was receiving.  He said it was as though I was in their leadership meeting, listening.  Of course I have never been to the church except for the one time during worship.

I am connected to it though now.  I will be putting up new art once a month at New Life Church in the Sanctuary.  The blessing of the Lord; for He wants His people to know how prophetic art can influence a gathering! 

The woman in the front represents Wisdom.

The woman walking up the hill represents the seasoned intercessors in the church.  They will come forth in a new and mighty way!

The growth is taking place in the heavenly. New land given.

The angel is by the ancient boat of promise, big harvest coming if every step is obeyed.

The mountain is the mountain of the Lord.

  • Title: New Growth

    This is the second painting just finished for the pastor. Explanation above.

The Promise of Heaven

 The man (this painting belongs to) had a very hard time several years back.  His parents died within a short period of each other.  His grief was understandably difficult because of missing them so much. 

As I painted The Promise of Heaven I saw something unexplainable in it. 

 This man was adopted.  He has a sister who is also adopted.  The parent did not have a biological child. Yet, in the painting I clearly saw a young girl.  I paint intuitively, so things come forth that I do not paint in, but feel the Holy Spirit leads in to help His people.

 When doing any art, I pray while I paint.  Asking the man if there was a chance there might have been some explanation for the girl in the painting, he said yes.  He had found out from a close relative recently that when his mother was young she had a tubal ligation pregnancy.  She had not told anyone about it.  The doctors said she could not have another child because of the surgery performed.  Only a very close relative knew this, and shared it with the man.  His mother believed it was a girl. 

Only God can reveal hidden things.  I had no knowledge of any of this!  Only the Holy Spirit.  This man told me recently that he does not even have to look at the painting to remember the promise.  It is ingrained in his mind.  What a blessing to know that God speaks through Prophetic art!

Tree from Heaven

Tree from Heaven

This person had a negative identity in which they resided.  They did not give themselves enough credit for all the times they have helped other people.  The Lord wanted them to know a part of His heavenly realm that they will dwell in.  I painted out the Tree by the River of Life for them.  They were to see how beautiful they are, and how the Lord sees them.  The tree represents their Life!  For by the golden waters they will dwell in eternity!


The Worship Leader

This man is a wonderful musician.  When I painted this painting I saw he would become a worship leader with the anointing of the Lord on him.  It happened around a year later.  He did not pursue it, but he was asked by the church to take the position. 

The promises of the Lord are always faithful!

New Road / Healing Entering

This person needed new direction for the future. Everything seemed to be hanging in the air.  God gave me this painting for them.  It represented how the Holy Spirit was building a solid foundation in His creation for them, even as everything in  their life had little confirmation. Notice the Portal to the lower right.

Healing Entering.


Seeds move forth from God's Kingdom continuously.  God has not stopped creating!

This painting was done for women who want to become pregnant.  The flowers represent the seeds (representing supernatural miracle) from God's Kingdom coming into the earth. There is a portal at the bottom of this painting. A visual Word of what the Lord wants to do can be the contact point for the future taking place. 

The Stars of Abraham / The Promise

This man was in a hard place.  He wanted to hear God - as well as receive answers for his concern about his future.  This painting for him would contain a journey he did not plan.  Circumstances came into his situation where he would travel like the children of Israel in the desert, not knowing their destination.  But, God would faithfully lead him to the Promise Land.