Title: The Red Vase

I Love Flowers.  And God's Creative Touch in Everything We see! 

I started out painting realistic or impressionistic art.  Then I went into painting almost exclusively abstract.  And now enjoy painting both! 

The good thing about life is that you can revolve in many ways, including how you want to represent your life concerning artistic expression! 

Live and learn.   And laugh and smile a lot while enjoying the fragrance of flowers!

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  • Entering Series E 100

    Prints Available
    White Ball Flowers

  • Entering Series E114

    Prints Available
    The Laurel Wreath

  • Entering Series E 200

    Prints Available

    Title: Chicks in a Tree

  • Flowers Series F 03

    Prints Available

    Title: By the Water

  • Entering Series F 04

    Title: Eden

  • Entering Series F 05

    Title: Garden II