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Included are a few comments from people who have read Entering The Territory Of Heaven. It blessed me to hear their response. It is all the Holy Spirit! He gave it to me and is doing the work through it.


Wow. Ok. I just finished reading your book. I have to read it all over again. I will reread it because I have questions for you. I feel the questions I will have are what the people are reading will also have.

Wow. Good read!!

I am reading your book for the second time. I can’t stop. It draws me in. I’m getting more revelation the second time I’m reading it. Beth Helen

 I loved your book that God gave you to share. It will take others into the Heavenly Realm more than this world. Vicki G

 I read your book from cover to cover. It was a fascinating read! It certainly gave me a longing for heaven, and a desire to pray more. I’m anxious to share the content with a family member!  Sylvia A

As I journey through "Entering The Territory Of Heaven" by Maria M. Schaefer, it becomes more and more apparent to me that my knowledge and understanding has been very limited about the realm of Heaven and entering into our final Eternal Life and Place.

     Through the Scriptures, Maria's profound symbolic artwork, her anointed explanations, prayers, visions, teachings, the Holy Spirit draws the reader to a supernatural realm they have not experienced before.

Questions we may have or things we never even thought of regarding Heaven are explained and answered for us.

     The Book also leaves one wanting to pursue and "explore" the Eternal heavenly realms and places in a very personal way, and live for Christ Jesus here on earth knowing that one glorious day, I will enter His Gates with thanksgiving in my heart, and I will enter His courts with praise."

That to live is Christ, and to die is indeed gain."  Barbara Rich


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 Maria Schaefer

Heaven Waits


Comments on Heaven Waits




Maria M. Schaefer takes the reader to a place with God a person may not have been or heard. No one can teach how they can receive God's voice only He does that for each person through their His relationship with them. She writes her relationship in beautiful words God can only give so others may understand how His relationship manifests itself through each person. This book will confirm what He has given some of His children, it reveals in other children what they don't understand, and it may draw others to wanting this relationship He can only give. I enjoyed reading it very much, and He spoke to me all the way through it in confirming what He has given me is the same He has given her through His Holy Spirit and mind of Christ and our Father which made me stronger in His faith, power, and grace. I will recommend this book to all Christians. It takes his voice to a deeper meaning through a personal relationship many have not experienced today.    Vicki Gann




 Maria’s book, ‘Heaven Waits,’ saved my life. After being in an abusive relationship for many years, I was suicidal. Government therapists cannot save the lost spirit only God’s unconditional love can strengthen and heal.  When I read the dedication to her book, I could barely get through that first page. I was lost and totally broken! I wept through the entire book, which I read many times.  Maria’s book has rescued from evil, and she is a most treasured blessing to me. Just reading one page in the morning before my day begins gives me the peace and joy I have been missing but always knew was deep inside my soul. Walking with God daily is completely trusting in Him to hold our hand, guide us, and take care of us. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Only with the Triune God, all things are possible. My life has completely changed in the last few months, and I dedicate my beautiful and glorious advancements to Maria and her book because I believe that ‘Heaven Waits’ for me! God’s Blessings to you – Julia Praise


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Healing Grace

Healing Grace
Poems Through the Fire of God's Love

 Healing Grace is a book of poems taking the reader through the journey of healing.

When the last poem was finished I had received my healing of Thyroid Disease and Mitral Valve Prolapse Disease.  Also, the person who edited Healing Grace (Professor William Harold) received his healing as well.


Healing Grace will be on Amazon soon.  Order through email  $ 12.99



Maria Schaefer